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business strategist and asker of the tough questions

I facilitate thinking for new actions and better results.


  • “Brian is a person who knows how to successfully combine brain, heart and hands to make a significant difference in his community. A person of high integrity, someone I appreciate as a co‐worker and friend.”

    Katja Finger 
    Dir of Sustainable Business Development,
    Chalmers University, Sweden
  • “Brian is astute and analytical. He has a great understanding of business and will be helpful in asking those questions that challenge you to change your paradigm on your different integral work aspects which will in turn lead to increased company performance.” 

    Craig Meacham
    Owner, Kiddierides
  • “It is indeed rare to find someone that combines social commitment with healthy business principles as well as what Brian does. I believe that Brian is an example to us all in the way that he applies his skills and high ethics to improve the lives of people in his sphere of influence.”

    Francois Bezuidenhout
    Consulting for Business in Africa, Marilefrans
  • “I have found Brian to be conscientious and reliable. His keen sense of humor combined with his highly professional approach to program deliverables and financial transparency made him a pleasure as a colleague. He demonstrated the best practices of conceptual and leadership competencies in his role which included driving both the strategic development of programs and their implementation.”

    MK Cope

    Chief of Party, USAID
  • “Brian's an excellent coach and he conducts his practice based on his values. He will for instance not impose his ideas on his clients, but will facilitate a strategic thinking process that is not his product but that of the client. He is dependable and direct, yet polite. He also projects a sincere concern and passion for the well‐being of his clients. I will not hesitate for one minute to recommend Brian

    for any mentoring‐coaching assignment.”

    Roland Hein
    MD, PE&R
  • “I worked with Brian for seven years, and experienced him to be passionate about development, and about making a positive difference in the lives of individuals in the communities where Triple Trust worked. He is a man of integrity, honesty and sincerity, and displayed a dedication to his work that I

    found to be inspiring.”

    Ruth Martin
    Head of Public Relations, Triple Trust Organisation
  • “Brian has spent a lifetime in promoting entrepreneurship development and motivating entrepreneurs (and supplying the means) to take a strategic view of their business and developing the expertise to work on (and not in) their businesses. Brian is an excellent networker and champion for SME Enterprise Development.” 

    Carel Venter
    Business Mentor & Strategy Consultant, Centre for Synergy Development
  • “Brian Adams is a highly motivated entrepreneur. He has keen insight to many aspects of business and always seeks opportunities to share those insights. He lives for empowerment of individuals and finds great pleasure at setting plans and programmes in motion to see said individuals achieve and perform at their maximum. He loves sharing knowledge and strives always to create platforms for collaboration and learning.”

    Eugene Kruser
    Owner, Jacqui-k Business Solutions and Trading
  • I asked Brian to be the key note speaker just four days prior to the launch of the TSiBA Alumni; and without hesitation, he stepped up and agreed to be part of the event. I feel humbled to have been in his presence and receive the knowledge and inspiration from listening to his story. Long after his departure from the event there has been nothing but positive comments and reflections from his story. Brian has inspired the TSiBA Alumni to be successful in all initiatives. 

    Elroy Dicks
    Fund Accountant at CURO Fund Services (Pty) Ltd
  • "Brian Adams you are a legend! THANK YOU it was a wonderful opportunity to witness freshness and magic in training that is a rare find. Been telling everyone I've seen since." 

    Maximillian Kaizen
    Hunter of Genius
  • “His passion for developing entrepreneurship in South Africa is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about Brian. I draw inspiration from Brian's relentless drive to motivate, support and get entrepreneurs to the next level and have been able to rely on his support as well.”

    Rene Truter
    Online Content Administrator, Business Partners
  •  “I attended Brian's Entrepreneur support programme. We could be competitors, yet Brian has welcomed me onto the programme, because, I believe, of his commitment to entrepreneurship and to making a difference in the lives of entrepreneurs. This speaks of high integrity and a preparedness to share his wisdom.” 

    Alan Maguire
    Peerpower & Transitions and Ceremonies
  • “Brian is passionate about the development and advancement of entrepreneurship. He is a very organised, friendly, professional, hardworking, considerate and pragmatic. Brian is great to work with and an excellent Enterprise Development (ED) specialist.”

    Vuyisa Qabaka
    Partner: Entrepreneur Traction
  • “Besides that Brian is friendly and helpful, he is also a keen visionary, always seeking and seeing the big picture and fearless of taking risks. I experienced him as a go-getter, an individual that inspires from a distance, yet is so near...”

    Sharon Koenig
    Lilole Skills Development Services
  • “Brian can be described as a "Business Angel". He has worked tirelessly in the development of entrepreneurs across all backgrounds. Brian is a gentleman that exudes passion for what he does. With an extremely contagious personality, he comes highly recommended.”

    Jonathan Jacobs
    CEO at Skylar Investment Holdings
  • "Brian is always positive and inspiring. He sees the opportunity in challenges when others are blinded to it. He encourages people to challenge the status quo in order to continuously improve and achieve greater results. His wisdom and insights are of great value."

    Joanne Wood
    Executive: South African Breweries
  • “Brian has proven to be one of the most innovative people that I have met in the business development industry. He has shown that he has a passion for developing and nurturing the entrepreneurial mind. 

     I am always happy to engage with him when ever possible."

    Rodney Douglas
    Enterprise Development Specialist
  • “ Brian listens well and does not sugarcoat the problems which entrepreneurs experience. I highly recommend Brian for his experience, inputs, and good peoples skills. He has years of experience in coaching and helping businesses and understands the South African business environment.”

    Ester Bezuidenhout
    Owner: Onze Rust Guesthouse
  • "Brian Adams is the person who is going to change the world one business at a time. He asks the questions that are hard to answer but he is also there to help you through it."

    Lianne du Toit
    UCT GSB Venture Pre-accelerator Incubation Programme
  • "Brian makes learning fun and there’s laughter and excitement with his structured teaching exercises. He has great people skills and with his vast knowledge and experience in business, one can’t help but approach one's own business differently."

    Harriet Box
    Owner: Invision Media Services
  • "Brian is a professional who doesn`t lose sight of the human element. He is knowledgeable in his area of focus and uses practical methods to engage with the subject matter. He endeavours to help business owners make the best of their enterprises."

    Nondumiso Pikashe
    MD: Sesfikile Wines